At Henderson Dental our aim is to provide high quality dental treatment to every member of your family in a relaxed and friendly environment.

We believe your visit to the dentist is a team effort – between you and your dentist. We listen to you and tailor dental treatment according to your needs and what you want to achieve. Dentistry will be less stressful when you know you are in control. We will ensure you are aware of your options and fully informed of the treatment you are about to receive. We understand that many people do not visit the dentist regularly. We will provide you with excellent care and treatment regardless of your dental history.

We believe the most important aspect of good dentistry is great patient care and minimal intervention. Lost fillings, broken teeth, dental decay and gum problems are common reasons for visiting your dentist. When intervention is needed, we practice conservatively. This approach retains tooth structure and maximises the potential for tooth repair.

We encourage preventative dentistry. This includes regular check-ups (once or twice a year) so that problems can be detected early, professional cleaning when necessary, and simple advice on how to care for your mouth to reduce dental problems.

Sometimes specialist treatment is required which is beyond the scope of our practice. We will refer you to a specialist if your situation requires the expertise of someone that focuses on and has a deeper understanding of that area of dentistry. Such areas of specialty include orthodontics, oral surgery, and children or adults with special needs. For example if your child has complex treatment needs or needs to be sedated for dental treatment, we will refer him or her to a specialist children’s dentist (Pedodontist).